The Table Runner

According to Etiquette Scholar. The table runner is a narrow length of cloth laid on top of tablecloths or on a bare table. Table runners are used in a variety of ways: Laid down the center of the table for decoration, Laid across the table to define seating, or. Used to carry out a theme

A table runner adds a pop of colour to your table and protects the table underneath it while still showcasing the beauty of the wood and design of your table. As stated above – you can use one runner along the length of your table and place your centrepieces on it – such as candlesticks, pot holders, salt, and pepper etc.

You can also put the table runner across the width (you will need a few table runners to do this). This will demarcate the seating area. You can then place a plate, knife, and fork on the table runner on either side of the table.

A table runner is a great gift for any home maker.

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