Protea Disposable Placemats

Protea Collection: Disposable Placemats


Protea inspired Disposable Placemats

48 sheets that are 30cm x 42cm in size.

6 Designs = 8 x Red King Protea , 8 x Yellow Pin Cushion Protea, 8 x Pink Leaves Protea, 8 x Yellow King Protea, 8 x Pink Pin Cushion Protea, 8 x Red Leaves Protea

Product Description

Our A3 pads of 48 disposable paper placemats (featuring six designs) add zest to any table setting. And if your dinner guests are super tidy, you can even re-use them.
Hint: also great for wrapping small presents (yo-yo’s, stress balls, et al.)


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