3 Differences between old & new fabric pouches

Our fabric pouches are a popular best seller. Their size is super practical and functional. They are so useful for storing a multitude of items such as makeup and other essentials (Look here for some more examples of how people use our pouches). They are lined with 100% cotton and have a sturdy zip guaranteed to keep your belongings securely inside.

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With the launch of our new design range Jungle Fever, we have released a brand NEW fabric pouch. This pouch has a dual purpose as a casual clutch bag. The pouch is square and has a detachable wrist strap sewn onto the side of the pouch. The wrist strap allows you to carry the pouch with you or loop it onto another back to keep it safe. The new pouches are made with our 100% cotton fabric and also secured with a sturdy strong zip.

Jungle fever-44

Both pouches can be thrown into the washing machine for a quick clean and they come out looking brand new.

We love both types of pouches, they are 100% South African (made locally in Cape Town).

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Here are 3 differences between the old pouches and new pouches…

  1. The new pouches are only available in our sparkly new Jungle Fever designs (including Crocodiles, Palm Trees, Cockatiels, and Pineapples)
  2. The new pouches are slightly bigger with a detachable wrist strap that allows you to use the pouch as an informal clutch or to loop them onto another bag.
  3. The zips on the old pouches are gold and the zips and details on the new pouches are silver.

Jungle fever-38 Jungle fever-40

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