4 Ways to Wrap a Present

A Christmas tree filled with ‘products’ under the tree just seems silly opposed to glorious wrapped boxes with bows and ribbons.

Have you ever wondered why we wrap presents?

We all know that a “naked” present seems weird and off putting but the reason why we wrap presents dates back to the time when paper was invented (it could be as early as the early Chinese civilizations or even the Ancient Egyptians)

Wrapping presents creates suspense, intrigue and anticipation to the receiver. Giving is by far better than receiving. As the giver we love seeing the intrigue, suspense, fascination and anticipation as our loved one unwraps their present, our gift to them.

We have a few different ways you can wrap your gift…

  1. Wrapping paper

Wrapping Paper comes in a variety of patterns and colours. We have two options to help you with this option. A Wrapping Paper Book that has 12 sheets of different patterned paper for you to use. Alternatively you can buy your choice of wrapping paper in a roll.

Click here to see this amazing Japanese store wrapping presents with such ease.

als-wrapping-paper-book als-wrapping-paper-book-8


  1. Disposable Placemats

For smaller gifts you can use your pack of disposable placemats to adorn your gift in beautiful luxurious wrapping.


  1. Tea Towel

Your wrapping can also be a gift. Incorporate a tea towel into your present by wrapping your gift with one. Place your gift in the middle of the tea-towel and lift all the corners up to the middle and tie the corners together with an elastic band. Cover the elastic band with a ribbon and you have a beautiful gift.


Here are a few of our tea towel designs to chose from

a-love-supreme-tea-towel-3 a-love-supreme-tea-towel-23

  1. Gift Bags

Gift Bags are a wonderful way of presenting a gift. You can place a wrapped or unwrapped gift into a bag with a gift tag and/or note-card. Gift-bags can be carried (which is great for a heavier gift) as well as the bag can be recycled and reused over and over again. This helps us to prevent filling up the landfills.

ice-cream-large-gift-bag small-gift-bags-a-love-supreme-29

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