Coin Purses

Our coin purses are small fabric bags that are made of our 100% cotton and measure 13cm x 9cm. They may be small but they are incredibly useful to have in your bag. As the name suggests they were first designed to be made to store your small change so that it does not jingle in your bag and your small change is easy to find when you need it. There are a whole lot of different storage ideas you can use your coin purse for. ALS Protea Coin Purse1-4 ALS Protea Coin Purse-3

When traveling why not store your jewellery in one of our coin purses. This will protect your jewellery from getting lost or damaged while you travel.ALS Protea Coin Purse1-7

All of us ladies have quite a few hair accessories to keep our locks under control. We can never have enough bobby pins, hair elastics or clips. Keep them all close at hand by storing them in one of our coin purses, so when you are having a bad day they are there to save the day. ALS Protea Coin Purse1-8

We have all experienced the frustration of trying to find our keys in the bottom of our Mary Poppins bag. Keep them in one of our coin purses and protect them from getting lost or scratching your phone or other items stored in your bag.ALS Protea Coin Purse1-9

A woman can never have enough lipsticks, lip glosses or lip ice. Store them all in a coin purse so that when you need to pucker up you can reach them easily. ALS Protea Coin Purse1-10 ALS Protea Coin Purse1-2 Coin Purse-1

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