Different ways to use wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is a humble staple in most of our homes. The printed paper is kept on hand to wrap a gift for a loved one. Wrapping paper has way more potential than just wrapping gifts. This humble piece of paper can transform objects and create beauty in your home. Here are some different ways to use wrapping paper.

  1. Line your cupboard drawers.
    Upgrade your cupboard and drawers around the house by lining them with wrapping paper. The wrapping paper will protect the surfaces and make them ultra stylish with a pop of colour and design.
    Click here to see how to line your drawers.
  2. Wrap old shoe boxes for storage.
    Storage is a nightmare for most of us, we never know how to keep everything tidy and organised while looking neat and beautiful. Keep your shoe boxes and cover them with your favourite wrapping paper to convert them into stylish organisation pieces.
    Click here to see how to wrap a box.
  3. Artwork.
    Original artwork can be expensive to decorate your house with. Never fear – the humble wrapping paper has you covered. Buy your favourite roll of wrapping paper and fill your frame with it to create a beautifully designed art piece.
  4. Craft activities.
    Wrapping paper has no limitations when it comes to DIY craft activities. Use your favourite design for decoupage, wall paper or other craft activities such as these money boxes or tea light holders.
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