DIY Money Tin

We all want to save some money and this little DIY post will help you save money by upcycling an old coffee tin. Keep this little money tin on hand to store all your small change. All that small change adds up – maybe go buy yourself a lotto ticket and win the millions 😉

Here is what you need to make this money tin.

A coffee tin with a plastic lid (Frisco and Ricoffee have these)
Disposable Placemat Paper
Sticky Tape

ALS Tin and Paper DIY-10

  1. Measure and cut a piece of paper that is the width of the tin. Ensure that the length is 5cm longer than what is required.ALS Tin and Paper DIY-11
  2. Using sticky tape – stick the paper onto the tin and then wrap it around the tin before securing the edge of the piece of paper onto the already secured piece of paper with some more sticky tape.ALS Tin and Paper DIY-12
  3. Using a knife and board – VERY carefully cut a rectangular shape into the plastic to serve as the money slot. Place the lid onto the tin.ALS Tin and Paper DIY-13 ALS Tin and Paper DIY-14
  4. Another purpose for this tin can be to collect bread tags which can be given to charities who obtain wheelchairs for those less fortunate.ALS Tin and Paper DIY-16 ALS Tin and Paper DIY-17
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