How to make Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers are an essential to any festive table. The loud crack and the desperate search that follows for the little gifts that went flying once the cracker had been pulled open. Crackers can be found in most shops with a variety of gifts as well as a variety of price tags. Why not make your own crackers which can match your table setting, your gift selection as well as your budget. They are really easy to make here is how you do it…

What you need
– Empty toilet rolls (the cardboard inner)
– Disposable Placemats
– The “bangs” which you can purchase from Merrypak
– Glue
– Sticky Tape
– Scissors
– Twine / Ribbon
– Small Gifts
– Jokes (We have 12 hilarious jokes you can download here to put in your crackers)

1. Choose your pattern of paper and tear out the piece of paper.
2. Glue a “bang” into the toilet roll inner so that it’s in the middle of the roll
3. Line up three toilet rolls along the height of the disposable Placemat paper. The middle roll will be kept and the outside rolls are just spacers to ensure that the paper is correctly placed.
4. Cut your paper long enough so that you can wrap the roll up in paper with a slight overlap
5. Tape the paper together at the overlap in the center
6. Add additional tape to the left and right to secure the paper together
7. Remove the spacer rolls
8. Cut a piece of twine and ribbon to tie up the ends. Slowly squash the paper at the ends working in a circular rotary manner. Take the twine and tie around the squash enclosed end.
9. Add your gift, candy, joke etc into the cracker
10. Repeat step 8
11. Your cracker is ready to be put on your festive table and enjoyed

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Here are some gift ideas for your crackers 
– Candy / Sweets / Chocolate (just remember to keep these out the sun)
– Bouncy Balls
– Tweezers
– Jewellery
– Crayons
– Lip-ice
– Stickers
– Stationery
– Vegetable/ herb seeds
– Technology items such as ear phones, USB sticks, cables


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