How to make a pin board.

A pin board is a great way to create some whimsical fun in your office or bedroom.  It is the best place to keep your theater tickets, children’s drawings, special photographs or a list of details you need on hand.

Pin boards need not be boring and hidden away. All you need to jazz up your space is the following…

A pin board (old or new) – you can buy one online here.
A staple gun
Your favourite A Love Supreme fabric
Some ribbon
An iron

  1. Iron your fabric to ensure all the creases vanish (you would not like to see creases and wrinkles on your finished pin board)
  2. Place your fabric on a flat surface face down
  3. Place your pin board face down on top of the fabric
  4. Turn the fabric up over the pin board at the bottom and staple the fabric into the pin board at a few places along the bottom.
  5. Pull the fabric at the top of the pin board very tight. While holding the tension, staple the fabric into the pin board. Make sure you pull the fabric tight every time you put a staple into the board.
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 for the side panels of the pin board.
  7. When dealing with the corners of the pin board, make a triangle like you would do if you were wrapping a present and staple while pulling it tight to the back of the pin board.
  8. To finish the pin board off wrap some ribbon around the corners to allow yourself a little spot to put cards or small pieces of paper. Simple staple the ribbon on the back and pull around and staple on the sides of the pin board to secure it.
  9. Secure your favourite goodies and memories to the pin board and hang it up where everyone can see it.

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