Melamine Placemats vs. Disposable Placemats

noun: placemat

  1. a small mat underneath a person’s dining plate, used to protect the table from the heat of the plate and food.

A placemat is no longer a fabric mat like it was years ago! In this modern era, we have a range of different types of placemats to suite your style, mood, colour and preference. You can now buy placemats made from wood, plastic, straw, metal and paper. You can also find these little placemats in all different sizes such as square, round, rectangular, octagonal and anything else you can imagine.

We at A Love Supreme offer two different varieties of placemats in the form of paper or wood/melamine.  So how do you know which one is right for you?

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We offer 17 different placemats in this range. We have everything from Crocodiles to Pineapples to Birds to Plants. These placemats are 34cm x 24cm in size with rounded corners. The top of the placemats is melamine which allows them to be wiped down and cleaned with ease. The melamine tolerates heat up to 120C which is great as you can serve up hot food at your table.

The placemats are backed with a thin layer of cork which adds added protection to your table by ensuring the placemats do not scratch the table while in use.

So why use these placemats?
These are permanent placemats – they last forever (as long as you do not put them in the dishwasher ;-)) and they are really easy to clean. They are stackable and can be used on a daily basis for every meal to protect your table or linen. As a result, they are budget friendly as they last forever.

You can buy yours here 🙂

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We have 3 different sets of disposable placemats including the Protea and Jungle Fever range. The disposable placemats have a minimum of 48 sheets of thick paper. Each sheet is 30cm x 42cm (A3 in size) – this size is big enough to place your plate and cutlery (and a napkin on) on.

The paper disposable placemats offer great protection from the mess created while you are enjoying your meal. They are also wonderful to use when you hate cleaning up because all you do is crinkle them up and thrown them away (we urge you to recycle them). On that topic, if you are hosting a large event these placemats work so well as they are a budget-friendly way of creating a beautiful decor set.

Another reason we love them is that if the thought of having something forever terrifies you then these are for you! They do have a shelf life so when they run out you can buy a different set of designs.

Another wonderful advantage of disposable placemats is that they can be used for a variety of things other than a placemat. You can use them to wrap gifts, make cards, line drawers and much much more. You can click here to see some ideas.

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