Origami Swans

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of folding paper to create a masterpiece. We used our disposable placemats to create these origami swans that can be used as a decorative feature hung up or as a 3D decoration to a gift.

Here is how you can fold your own origami swan.

You start out with a square piece of paper and fold it along one diagonal, Then unfold it.


Fold the square diagonally in half and open.ALS-28 Repeat this again on the other side so that when you open up your square there is a cross in the middle of the square.ALS-29 ALS-30 Fold the paper in half and open. ALS-31Take the one corner and bring it towards the other thus creating a kite shapeALS-32 Repeat on the other side.ALS-33 ALS-34  Fold the sides into the centre.ALS-35 ALS-36  Fold the top triangle down.ALS-37  Keeping the top triangle (above down). Open the sides you have folded into the centre to create two long triangles.ALS-38 ALS-39  Repeat the above steps on the back. You will land up with a shape below.ALS-40  Fold the outer corners to the centre.ALS-41 ALS-42ALS-43  Fold the outer edges up – these will become the wings.ALS-44  Repeat on the other side.ALS-45  Lift the head and tail up and turn the wings up. ALS-46 ALS-47

If you are still struggling – have a look here.

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