Overseas gift ideas

There is an age-old tradition of taking gifts to family and friends when your travel to their home both locally and abroad – a gesture of thanks for opening up their home to you. There is a great idea of taking gifts that are proudly South African (from your home lands) with you on your travels. With tighter customs and stricter policies of what you can and cannot take cross borders, we have a selection of gift ideas that won’t take up a large amount of space in your bag nor weigh your bag down. Our products are all made and designed in South Africa and have fun African design elements and patterns. Have a look at some ideas below.

Our National flower is the Protea – a beautiful flower that is not found easily anywhere else. These fynbos gems are the inspiration behind our Protea range. They come in a wide range of products including cushion covers, trays, napkins and more.

The cushion covers pack down amongst your clothes and are wonderful gifts for any home – they are made of 100% cotton.60x60 Cushion Cover Combo-1 TRAYS 
Trays are very light as well as flat, so they will not take up any space or weight while travelling. They are also incredibly useful around the house, so take a few to impress your hosts. They are available in 4 different shapes.A Love Supreme Melamine Trays-31GIFT BAGS
Travelling with a gift already wrapped is a recipe for disaster – the paper gets crumpled and when you get to your destination, your gift can look a bit dog-eared. We suggest packing a few gift bags into your bag and so when you get to the other side, pop your gift into a bag and it will look beautiful.

A Love Supreme Large Giftbags 1-25
These wonderful bright coloured tea towels travel so well as they are 100% cotton and small and compact. Pop a few into your suitcase and present these to loved ones to adorn their kitchen and think of you every day with their sunny South African inspired tea towel.A Love Supreme tea towel-32

2. Our LIONISE range is authentically “safari” inspired and proudly South African

Inspired by South Africas Big 5 – the Lionise range combines traditional print inspired patterns and iconic animal silhouettes resulting in fun, vibrant and beautiful prints.

ALS-91 Lionise Cushions-64


These little bags are a wonderful way to store keys, jewelry, business cards and more. They are super small so take up near to no space in your bag.

Lionise Coin Purse-16

Protect your precious iPad and laptop from dust and scratches by securing it in a sleeve when you are not using it. The fabric and padded lining are perfect to protect it while still looking trendy. The sleeves pack flat and are light making sure you do not exceed the weight limit. Grab one for yourself and protect your electronics while travelling.


We have two different designs available in our pencil cases – one is flat and rectangular and the other is a tubular shape. These handy fabric bags store your stationery effortlessly and elegantly. Pick your design and enjoy storage on the go with any of our pencil cases. Jungle fever-25


If space is really a premium while you travel then these badges and magnets are a must! They are super light and you can throw them in a bag without them taking up any space. Allow your hosts to adorn their fridge or favourite jacket with a vibrant badge or magnet. They are really affordable and loads of fun.

Lionise 1-44


If you do not know what to get your hosts and family and friends then a pouch is our go-to gift. Store everything from makeup to jewellery to cell phone cables and more. They are stylish and oh so practical. Click here to see more ideas on how to use a pouch or to see the different pouches we have available.ALS Pouches-15 Jungle fever-43

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