Face Masks

Who would have thought fabric face masks would be the newest must-have fashion accessory?

Now that it is mandatory for all South Africans to wear face masks in public, we’re bringing our unmistakable designs to the frontline… Functional and comfortable, these masks are sure to add a smile beneath that masked dial.

Now for the nitty-gritty: Our masks are made from 100% cotton, double layered and reversible. The front features an aLoveSupreme print, and the reverse has a plain dark blue cotton (which some men prefer!).

We have three styles of masks:

Our PLEATED AND SHAPED FACE MASKS WITH COTTON TIES allow you to secure the mask by tying it at the back of your head. A wire can be supplied separately, to be inserted into the binding allowing for the perfect fit to the shape of your face (request in Order Notes). If you wear glasses, this helps to prevent them steaming up! The wire is galvanised steel so is rust resistant but with frequent washing and detergents some deterioration may occur over time.

We also offer A SHAPED FACE MASK WITH BLACK ELASTIC that you can size to your comfort, behind your ears or around your head.

All masks have an opening for an insert. Customers can insert their own disposable or washable insert which can be anything from a layer of kitchen paper, a coffee filter, HEPA vacuum bag (with no fibreglass) to a high-quality, high-thread count cotton (if you can bear to cut up your pillow case!).

Please note the the printed fabric will fade over time due to hot ironing, which is recommended for disinfection.

Please note:

A Love Supreme masks have been created in support of the fight against COVID-19. They are not medical masks, but act as a preventative measure to minimise face touching and the spread of contaminated droplets. They must still be used in conjunction with social distancing and stringent hygiene practices.

In addition, A Love Supreme will donate one mask for every ten sold to disadvantaged communities, the elderly and those at risk.

Having registered with CIPC as an Essential Services provider, we are ready and able to manufacture and fulfil orders for this high demand product.