What we put in our fabric pouches.

Our fabric pouches are one of our best sellers. Their versatility makes them fly off our shelves. We have a put a few ways our customers use them. What do you use your fabric pouches for?

  1. Keeping jewellery and valuables safe. You can also store some cash and your cards – like a make shift wallet.
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  2. Electric cables and chargers. When you travel there is nothing worse than trying to find your cell phone charger amongst everything – store all your cables and chargers in one safe place.
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  3. Medical supplies. Keep a mini first aid kit in your handbag to tackle any emergency.
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  4. Stationery. Keep your art supplies in one place.
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  5. Makeup. Our pouches are the perfect size to store your makeup in, what is also great is they are 100% washable so if your base spills or you have an eye shadow disaster – you can just wash your pouch to restore it to new.
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  6. Keep all your essentials in one place. No longer search for your car keys, sunglasses or cell phone – keep them all in an easy to find fabric pouch.
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