Stationery Tins

School has started and we are all getting into the swing of 2017! Homework loads will start increasing and soon the year will be running away with us again. To stay organised we have a little DIY for you to help organise your stationery on your desk at home or at work. This costs next to nothing (especially if you have left over wrapping paper from Christmas or wrapping school books.)

What you need…

Tins with the labels removed and washed well
Wrapping Paper
Double Sided Tape

Stationery Holder from Tins-1

  1. Measure a strip of paper that is 10cm high and at least 30 cm in length. Cut the strip of paper.
    Stationery Holder from Tins-2
  2. Place a strip of double-sided tape on both ends of the wrapping paper strip
    Stationery Holder from Tins-3
  3. Stick the one side of the wrapping paper on the tin with the print side up (make sure it is straight before pushing it down)
    Stationery Holder from Tins-4
  4. Fold the rest of the wrapping paper around the tin and stick the other end on top of the paper (it does not matter if it overlaps)
    Stationery Holder from Tins-5
  5. Place your stationery in the tins and enjoy a tidy neat desk
    Stationery Holder from Tins-6 Stationery Holder from Tins-8


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