Melamine Placemats vs. Disposable Placemats

PLACEMAT noun: placemat a small mat underneath a person’s dining plate, used to protect the table from the heat of the plate and food. A placemat is no longer a fabric mat like it was years ago! In this modern era, we have a range of different types of placemats to suite your style, mood, […]

4 Ways to Wrap a Present

A Christmas tree filled with ‘products’ under the tree just seems silly opposed to glorious wrapped boxes with bows and ribbons. Have you ever wondered why we wrap presents? We all know that a “naked” present seems weird and off putting but the reason why we wrap presents dates back to the time when paper […]

How to make Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers are an essential to any festive table. The loud crack and the desperate search that follows for the little gifts that went flying once the cracker had been pulled open. Crackers can be found in most shops with a variety of gifts as well as a variety of price tags. Why not make […]

Make your pantry beautiful with our disposable placemats

Life is for living and for enjoying. Life is not for cleaning and tidying up. Saying that we all like things to look beautiful and put together. There is nothing more painful than trying to get curry stains out of your placemat or scrubbing tomato sauce off the table after a wonderful meal of spaghetti […]