DIY: Candle Holders

Set a romantic dinner table and make your own tealight holder with some tuna tins, wrapping paper and glue. This craft activity is a great way of upcycling and reducing our waste. All you need is wrapping paper/ disposable placemats, scissors, glue/ sticky tape. 1. Wash and dry your tuna tin well. 2. Measure the […]

DIY Money Tin

We all want to save some money and this little DIY post will help you save money by upcycling an old coffee tin. Keep this little money tin on hand to store all your small change. All that small change adds up – maybe go buy yourself a lotto ticket and win the millions 😉 […]

Making Christmas Chains with Disposable Placemats

In case you have not noticed we are a huge fan of our disposable placemats sets. They are so versatile – they can be used to wrap presents, decorate cupboards, make origami decorations, decoupage and more. We would like to show you how to make Christmas Paper Chains for your house or festive table. They […]

Disposable Placemats and the kids

Our disposable placemats have a wide range of uses. We have already shown you how you can use them to tidy up your pantry.  Today we would like to show you how to use them to protect your work surfaces when doing arts and crafts with the kid. All you need to do is take […]