Feature: Kalk Bay Co-Op

A Love Supreme has been selling our products at Kalk Bay Co-Op since they started. It has been a true honour to associate ourselves with such an incredible shop and wonderful team. They are like family. If you have not popped into their gorgeous shop – take a trip to Kalk Bay and see everything […]

Lined and Blank Notebooks | A Love Supreme

As much as the digital era dominates society a lot of us still go back to good old fashioned hand writing our to-do lists or drawing with our pencils. “SOMETIMES I WRITE “DRINK COFFEE” ON MY TO DO LIST JUST TO FEEL LIKE I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING” When we first brought out our books the […]

Mark Road Store Claremont

Last year in September we opened up our first A Love Supreme store! The shop is situated on the corner of Mark Road and Bishoplea Road in Claremont, in the neighbourhood behind Cavendish Square. It is the perfect spot to avoid the mall rush and enjoy some retail therapy and a delicious breakfast or lunch […]