Different ways to use wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is a humble staple in most of our homes. The printed paper is kept on hand to wrap a gift for a loved one. Wrapping paper has way more potential than just wrapping gifts. This humble piece of paper can transform objects and create beauty in your home. Here are some different ways […]

Gift Ideas for the stationery lover

Pencil Cases. We have two different designs of pencil cases to suit every need in a variety of different patterns. Buy yous here today. Wrapping Paper. These humble sheets of colour paper can be used for way more than wrapping gifts. Cover your files, books to transform them into beautiful stationery/ office pieces. Buy yours here […]

DIY: Candle Holders

Set a romantic dinner table and make your own tealight holder with some tuna tins, wrapping paper and glue. This craft activity is a great way of upcycling and reducing our waste. All you need is wrapping paper/ disposable placemats, scissors, glue/ sticky tape. 1. Wash and dry your tuna tin well. 2. Measure the […]

Gift Ideas for foodies

If you love everything food from preparing it to eating it then you are a foodie! Is the way to your heart through good food and wine/coffee? We have a wide range of gifts for all you food lovers! If you are buying for a friend who is a foodie – we have you covered! […]

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

  Mothers Day is around the corner on the 13th of May. Our mothers are irreplaceable and they deserve to be spoilt this mothers day. We have a wide range of gifts available online and instore that your mom will love! Have a look at our selection of top gifts for Moms this Mothers Day. […]

Easter Gift Ideas

Easter is around the corner. We have put together our top gifts for the Easter season. Give a gift that lasts longer than your favourite chocolate. Here are our top picks and inspiration for Easter Gift Ideas. FABRIC BUCKETS Easter is synonymous with beautiful flowers and the feeling of love and summer. Why not gift […]

Origami Swans

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of folding paper to create a masterpiece. We used our disposable placemats to create these origami swans that can be used as a decorative feature hung up or as a 3D decoration to a gift. Here is how you can fold your own origami swan. You start out with a […]

DIY Money Tin

We all want to save some money and this little DIY post will help you save money by upcycling an old coffee tin. Keep this little money tin on hand to store all your small change. All that small change adds up – maybe go buy yourself a lotto ticket and win the millions 😉 […]

4 Ways to Wrap a Present

A Christmas tree filled with ‘products’ under the tree just seems silly opposed to glorious wrapped boxes with bows and ribbons. Have you ever wondered why we wrap presents? We all know that a “naked” present seems weird and off putting but the reason why we wrap presents dates back to the time when paper […]

How to make a pin board.

A pin board is a great way to create some whimsical fun in your office or bedroom.  It is the best place to keep your theater tickets, children’s drawings, special photographs or a list of details you need on hand. Pin boards need not be boring and hidden away. All you need to jazz up […]

Make your pantry beautiful with our disposable placemats

Life is for living and for enjoying. Life is not for cleaning and tidying up. Saying that we all like things to look beautiful and put together. There is nothing more painful than trying to get curry stains out of your placemat or scrubbing tomato sauce off the table after a wonderful meal of spaghetti […]

Using our Melamine Trays around the House

What is a tray? A flat, shallow container with a raised rim, typically used for carrying food and drink, or for holding small items or loose material. A Love Supreme sells a wide range of melamine trays in 3 different sizes: small, dinner and medium and in a variety of designs including Protea and African Lady. […]