Tea Towels

A tea towel is a strange name for a household item. Most of us would refer to a tea towel as a drying-up cloth. If you live in America, however, you would call a tea towel a dish cloth. If you live in Europe/Great Britain, it’s known as a tea towel. The name “tea towel” […]

Flavoured Water

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I am sure we have all pigged out on beautiful food and thrown the diet out the window over the last few weeks during the festive season. However 2017 is here and I am sure the New Years Resolutions are in full swing. Here is a little recipe to help you clear […]

4 Ways to Wrap a Present

A Christmas tree filled with ‘products’ under the tree just seems silly opposed to glorious wrapped boxes with bows and ribbons. Have you ever wondered why we wrap presents? We all know that a “naked” present seems weird and off putting but the reason why we wrap presents dates back to the time when paper […]